The trade union of the group held the first eight plenary meetings of the first plenary committee to fully deploy the work of the trade union this year-Group News-NEWS-Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co.,Ltd
The trade union of the group held the first eight plenary meetings of the first plenary committee to fully deploy the work of the trade union this year
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On the afternoon of April 6th, the trade union of the group held the first eight plenary session of the first plenary session of the third floor conference room of Fengyuan hotel. Company of group of trade union chairman of ancient patriotic 2005 trade union work plans and requirements.

One is the trade unions play educational function, to guide and mobilize the masses of workers to complete the 2005 production and operation targets, meritorious task. Trade unions at all levels should focus on promoting technological progress, strengthening internal management and improving economic efficiency, and carry out labor competition, technology competition and rationalization proposals in depth. We should further improve the labor competition scheme, adjust the index, improve the system of assessment, and reward and cash in time. In May continue to carry out assembly rationalization proposals, activities focus on Supervision in last year's "double double" activities, rationalization proposals each unit adopted implementation, into economic benefits as soon as possible. We should vigorously carry out technical and post training activities to improve the skills and qualities of staff and workers. The trade union of the group company will plan for the technology competition with the Ministry of human resources, and in 3-4 years, it will make a technical comparison of the general technology engineers and a few managerial personnel of the group company.

The two is to protruding the maintenance function and build the mechanism of safeguarding the rights. We should continue to adhere to and perfect the system of collective contract and sign the system of collective contracts. The unit unions should regularly supervise the inspection of the wages, pension, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and the payment of the provident fund, and actively carry out the matter with the administrative consultation, and make sure that the fulfillment rate of the collective contract is 100%.

The three is to uphold and improve the system of workers' congress. To carry out the publicity of factory affairs. The company every year to adhere to hold 1-2 Congress, the implementation of the agenda, play Congress democratic management and democratic supervision, democratic participation. To further increase the publicity of factory affairs efforts to improve the implementation of the rules, the establishment of an open bar fixed, trying to make the facility open to the "three extension" development, the protection of workers' right of enterprises.

Four is to establish and improve the help system, to do a good job to send warm work. Further improve the group company, the subsidiary two level assistance system, clear responsibility, be good "the first responsible person". To send two warm work and the difficulties of workers daily living assistance, medical assistance, aid help organically, and gradually form a systematic and regular.

The ancient patriotic requirements: trade union organizations at all levels should focus on political work, to further enhance the sense of responsibility, improve the ability to work, play the role of a bridge between the unions, should strive to provide quality services to the grassroots, for workers to solve problems, the construction workers union truly become party organization trust, administrative dependence, employee satisfaction of the house.

The meeting was chaired by Gao Guihua, the vice president of the trade union of the group company, and the leaders of the two level units of the trade union participated in the meeting.

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