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Take a solid step - --- Huaxing company accelerates the 200 thousand sulphuric acid technical transformation project to make big and strong
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At the beginning of April, Huaxing Chemical Company Tonghua group key projects - a total investment of 124 million yuan of annual output of 200 thousand tons sulfuric acid project of civil engineering has been completed, into the equipment installation phase, and will be in August this year began commissioning and commissioning, marking the Tonghua group to do bigger and stronger a solid step.

Huaxing Chemical Company is a product key Tonghua group sulfuric acid production enterprises, with an annual output of 200 thousand tons of sulfuric acid plant, after years of full production and more than the actual production capacity, which has made outstanding contribution to the Tonghua group agriculture fertilizer production. To achieve bigger and stronger strategic, Tonghua group since 2003, has invested billions of dollars in the construction of 9 key projects, including an annual output of 600 thousand tons of high concentrations of six chemical fertilizer project will be completed and put into operation. In order to ensure the project production standards, as the sulfuric acid raw material supply project Huaxing Chemical Industry with an annual output of 200 thousand tons of sulfuric acid project, since it has been started in October 18th last year, according to the progress of construction. After the completion of the project will ensure that the needs of sulfuric acid, six chemical fertilizer production, but also lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Tonghua group.

The annual production of 200 thousand tons of sulfuric acid from pyrite is the most invested and largest technological transformation project in Huaxing Chemical Industry. 30% of the 124 million yuan investment is self financing for the enterprise and the rest for the bank, so a penny is spent on the edge of the knife. Huaxing Chemical first opened the project to four bidding areas, such as civil engineering and equipment installation, and made public bidding in China, and bidding procurement for more than 20 thousand yuan, so as to reduce investment costs. But for involving environmental protection sulfur dioxide blower, catalyst, diffuser plate system and other key equipment, is at any cost, commissioned by the Chinese International Tendering Company imported from the United States, Denmark and other countries, in order to meet the needs of the city to build the ecological landscape city. At the same time, some of the auxiliary equipment that can be produced by themselves is produced and installed by themselves, and the investment of 10 million yuan is saved.

Environmental protection device relates to the construction quality of sulfuric acid, high quality requirements, Huaxing Chemical sulfuric acid project of domestic use more advanced technology to carry on the construction, after the completion of the project, all of the closed cycle operation, in order to alleviate the pressure of environmental protection, to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises. The construction period of the size of the device is normally about one and a half years, but in order to ensure the construction quality and the development of chemical industry, Huaxing Chemical established key project leading group, to take the project legal system for the whole project, started on the scientific management of the track from the project construction, ensure that the planned project for 10 months completed and put into trial production.

It is understood that as of now, the project has completed the investment of 90 million yuan. Completion of the project, Huaxing capacity exceeded 480 thousand tons of sulfuric acid, the annual output value and sales revenue will exceed 80 million yuan, to make the enterprise's annual output value and sales revenue of nearly 200 million yuan.

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