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The six country companies create a civilized unit to add force
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As one of the three main goals of 2005, the six national chemical companies set an important agenda for creating national civilized units. We should start with management, quality and publicity, and carry out civilization creation activities.

In February 22nd, the city of striving for national civilized unit simulation scene simulation evaluation of the six evaluation group company, party a combination of feedback, held a party committee to study the deployment of striving for national civilized unit. They strengthened the management of the health responsibility area, established the weekend compulsory labor system, and started to further improve the office environment and the field environment. In improving civilization quality education, we start designing "uncivilized comics Exhibition" and issuing "citizen's basic moral standards" and "civilized citizen code" cards, etc., and strive to carry out civilized quality education through various forms. In strengthening civilization propaganda, political work will be designed to "three five site" as the main content of the concept of corporate culture and civilization billboards billboards, the formation of a strong atmosphere of civilization.

In order to strengthen leadership and coordination of the work of civilization, the company to implement the leadership responsibility system, and the provisions in the civilized examination, where human factors lead to loss of marks and affect the overall work of civilization, will hold the unit responsible person's responsibility.

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