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Chen Jiasheng attended and addressed the meeting of the China Chemical Mining Association
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In November 21st, sponsored by the mineral company "Chinese Xinqiao Chemical Mining Association for the sixth session of the four Congress and the six session of the four Council held in copper Kokusai Hotel Group Chairman, general manager Chen Jiasheng attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The representatives of more than 70 member units participated in the conference.

Chen Jiasheng pointed out in his speech, Xinqiao mineral company is the backbone enterprises in Tonghua group chemical mining and parathion chemical industry sector, is also the most important supplier of sulfur resources in the East China, central China, has a certain production and technological advantages in mining, parathion chemical industry and fine chemical industry and circular economy. In recent years, the new mineral company uphold the principle of "beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan concept, accelerate the traditional technology and equipment upgrades, the implementation of green development, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, the basic realization of the economical and efficient, environmental friendly and harmonious green mine mine development model. He stressed that chemical mining is the basic industry of the industrial economy, and it is also the main driving force to promote economic development. At present, chemical mining industry is in an important period of innovation, development and transformation and upgrading. Policy environment, industry situation and market trend are undergoing profound changes. The association actively carry out the development trend of the macro economic situation and industry analysis, platform construction to strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation of the industry, to strive for the national industrial policy, the construction and maintenance of a fair and open market competition environment, promoting the progress of mining technology, chemical comprehensive utilization of resources and social responsibility in the promotion of chemical mine construction, green and low-carbon and harmonious development to make unremitting efforts.

China Chemical Mining Association for long retirement system. Vice President Li Haiting stressed in his speech, the association to do less icing on the cake business, more timely assistance move; to adhere to members, government and industry service purposes, and actively participate in industry development planning, state industrial policy, to promote the green industry development; to understand and grasp the new trends in the development of chemical industry, development is conducive to the healthy development of industry standards, regulations and norms; the work of the Council to close around the focus in the construction industry, technological innovation, promote industrial upgrading and member enterprise rights, to reflect the demands and provide quality services, continue to maintain a steady momentum to the good work of the association.

Deputy director Wang Jun works as a report on the work of the Council. The conference also examined and approved the 2016 annual Association's financial revenue and expenditure report and the issues of attracting new members, adjusting the membership fee and the rules and regulations of China Chemical Mining Association (Draft).

Participants also talked about the latest industrial policies of the state, the operation of the industrial economy, the integration of chemical mineral resources and mining, and the common problems in development. The picture is Chen Jiasheng's speech at the meeting.

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