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Port three standard integrated management system through re Certification Review
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Recently, the Port Liability Company three standard integrated management system re accredited, once again through the Anhui audit center of Fangyuan group audit site.

This review lasted 3 days. The expert group sent by the audited organization has 7 people and a total of 9 people, including 9 management departments, 2 two level companies and 1 subsidiaries.

The audit expert group held that Port Liability Company's three standards integrated management system is adequate and appropriate, and the relevant documents have been well implemented. Quality, environment and occupational health and safety management process is orderly and controlled, and the operation results are effective and compliance. At the same time, it is hoped that the Port Liability Company will further strengthen the establishment of the national service standardization pilot project to enhance the reputation of the enterprise brand.

Port Liability Company is one of the 79 national standardization pilot units of the national service industry in 2016, and also a demonstration unit of service industry standardization in Anhui province. At present, the company has issued three local standards in Anhui Province, and another local standard has been assessed through the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau and is being drafted. This review will play an important role in the continuous improvement of the three standard integrated management system of the company. (Zhou Shouqi)

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