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The top 100 list of the top 100 enterprises in Anhui Province ranked forty-fourth in the ranking
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In November 15th, the Anhui Federation of enterprises and the Federation of entrepreneurs of Anhui Province jointly issued the list of "the top 100 of the 2017 Anhui enterprises" in Anqing. The operating income base of the enterprise is 3 billion 551 million yuan, and the total revenue of the 100 strong enterprises is 1 trillion and 615 billion 670 million yuan. Tonghua group company to 9 billion 623 million 936 thousand and 200 yuan in revenue ranked 100 strong forty-fourth.

Tongling coloured with 149 billion 500 million yuan in revenue ranks first, and Anhui's hundreds of billions of revenue companies are still the only one. In the industry, the top 100 list has become a barometer of Anhui's industrial structure adjustment, enterprise transformation and upgrading, and economic development. It is reported that the hundred strong line-up in Anhui enterprises is growing year by year, the industrial pattern is mainly in the manufacturing industry, and the other industries fluctuate with the fluctuation of the manufacturing industry.

This is the 13 year in a row of the Anhui Enterprise Federation to carry out this activity. The Provincial Federation of enterprises said that by analyzing the relevant data, Anhui top 100 enterprises adapted to the new normal gradually this year, and made gratifying progress in transformation and upgrading, and improving the profitability of enterprises. From the perspective of ownership, the pattern of state-owned enterprises as the top 100 enterprises in Anhui has not changed. However, the operating income, profits, tax rates and the number of enterprises in private enterprises are on the rise. From the regional distribution, mainly in Hefei, Wuhu, Tongling, Ma'anshan and other industrial developed areas.

There are 14 of the top 100 enterprises in the top 100 enterprises in the top 500 of the Chinese enterprises. The number of entering the top six provinces is the first in the middle six provinces. (reporter)

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