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Enhance the organization as the center to show the new company Party group to carry out the theme of "party" activities
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The morning of November 15th, a group of Party Central group members and group office of Party cadres in Zongyang County, the collective campaign center headquarters site Memorial Museum, Qishan Han culture garden cemetery of martyrs, carry out the theme of "promoting organization, to show the new as" November "day" activities. Party secretary of the group company Ma Suan, deputy general manager Yuan Juxing, deputy general manager Wang Zhiqiang, Fang Jinsong and other activities.

The battle line headquarters site Memorial Museum was founded in April 2012, the provincial key cultural relics protection units. In April 1949, the campaign China people's Liberation Army of the East and West, in the three line of battle, as the focus of the Middle East, the range of inaction, through Zongyang County, West to the Anqing ducks ditch. Headquarters located in the middle of Zongyang County Chen ancestral hall, the ancestral temple is a beam of brick and wood structure in the Qing dynasty. The battle line headquarters site, financial revolution memorial and ancient architecture as a whole, has an important historical status.

Under the leadership of the instructors, we visited the memorial hall, through a photo frame, a piece of food, a piece of calligraphy works, reviews the history of the battles, relive the war years of the revolutionary war, the revolutionary martyrs memorial of the valiant record.

Qishan Han cultural and ecological park is mainly composed of five martyrs cemetery, a relief sculpture, a monument to the martyrs and showroom etc.. The relief contents were: Tanggou riots, war, Chen Yao Hu Shang Gang, the liberation of Zongyang, the town of bloody money Jia zhuang. The content of the campaign group. Before the Martyrs Monument, we collectively relied on the oath to join the party.

In the event to the destination of the car, Ma Su Ann also have interpreted the concise and to the point nineteen big reports of the party, and collective learning China nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party Secretary in charge of the party on the nineteen by the "constitution of the Communist Party of China (Amendment)" a Xinhua News Agency reporter asked the content.

Pictured participate in Party activities personnel to visit the campaign headquarters site Memorial pictures middle goods exhibition. (reporter)

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