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The company holds the nineteen major spiritual lecture reports
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According to the unified arrangement of the municipal Party committee, in the afternoon of November 14th, the group held the party's nineteen major spiritual declaration report. The Party committee learned to carry out the party members of the nineteen major spiritual propaganda groups, the Secretary of the Committee of the Committee of the Committee of the Committee of the Municipal Committee of the Committee of the Commission and Chen Yuanzhong, to make a lecture report. Ma Su an, the party secretary of the group company, presided over the report, and asked the group company to further study and publicize the party's nineteen spirit. The party and government leaders of the group company Yuan Juxing, Yao Zuosheng and Fang Jinsong attended the report meeting.

The report of the meeting, Chen Yuanzhong closely around the party's nineteen distinctive theme, main achievements, a new era of Xi Jinping Chinese socialist ideology, the history of the past 5 years of achievements and historic change, China socialism into a new era, China's social contradictions have changed new characteristics, and promote the "four great", the new era of socialism new China deployment, new era China Socialist Party building in the new requirements, to promote the party spirit of the nineteen air plant and other 9 key aspects of the spirit of the party's nineteen were thoroughly detailed interpretation, profound interpretation of the party's nineteen proposed a series of important ideas and important points and the major conclusion, major initiatives. He also analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by chemical industry in our city combined with the actual development of chemical industry in our city, and put forward suggestions and suggestions for the development of the group company.

In the propaganda report after the spirit of Masuan Corporation to further study and implementation of the party's nineteen put forward three requirements: one to the study and thoroughly understand the efforts, truly learn deep penetration, into the brain and heart; two in the propaganda and training efforts, truly known, three people; efforts to implement fine in fall, truly believe Dusing, would take effect.

Masuan stressed, conscientiously implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping to learn the spirit of "do good grasp of the party's nineteen big spirit to all Party organizations and Party members and cadres group, in the propaganda as an opportunity to seriously implement the central, provincial and municipal Party committee of the group company's deployment requirements, quickly organized the study and propaganda, training, research, implementation, rise further study and implementation of the spirit of the party's nineteen big upsurge; to study and implement the spirit of nineteen and do their work closely together, do a good job this year work target sprint off, to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and tasks; to grasp the next research work plan, to further clarify the goals to accelerate the transformation of the company, group development, doing fine process, with the construction of" four copper "of the new performance show new weather It's new.

The heads of the departments and departments of the group companies, directly affiliated to the party organizations, members of the party organizations, heads of political departments (comprehensive departments), representatives of the grassroots Party branch secretaries, etc., attended more than 180 people. The picture is the scene of the lecture report. (political / journalist / photo)

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