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Waste heat boiler equipment purchase
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Tongling Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. has already had the bidding conditions for the HRSG equipment and services needed for the technical transformation of the 200Kt/a pyrite acid plant.

Tendering methods: the bidding procedures shall be carried out in accordance with the prescribed bidding procedures, and the public tender, sealed bid, open bid uncovering and fair comment are carried out.

Bidding content: a waste heat boiler, vertical, horizontal scour forced circulation (boiling layer cooler tube group as a natural cycle). See details of the technical instructions for the procurement of tender documents.

If you are willing to participate, you may bring your business license, special equipment manufacturing license and safety production license (copy original) to the bidding unit for registration and consultation.

Schedule of bidding work:


Note: if there is a change in the time arrangement, the written notice shall prevail.

Bidding unit: Tongling chemical industry group bidding Center

Address: Tongling City Lake Road No. 2758.

Contact: Li Dan phone:0371-20148657, 13856236629 Yu Cheng Yu phone:0371-20148657 Chen Yin root telephone:0371-20148657


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