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Fine fire prevention measures in Tongguanshan in spring
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Tongguanshan chemical company planning and deploying ahead of time, take a number of measures to strengthen the fire safety management, to ensure the safety and stability of production.

The company is in advance of the fire safety work arrangements and deployment of the spring, to further clarify the safety responsibilities of various units and departments, strict regulations, implement preventive measures; the two is to carry out a fire safety inspection, focus on examination of fire protection facilities and equipment is complete, effective fire safety responsibility system is carried out, the use of fire electrical procedures are complete, the fire safety management system is sound, to find out the problem, and ordered the immediate rectification units; three is the organization of full-time fire personnel on a regular basis throughout the company key fire site inspections of fire control facilities and equipment maintenance and maintenance of fire extinguishers and timely replacement of expired; four is the extensive publicity of fire safety knowledge, improve staff awareness of fire safety and fire prevention skills; five is to strengthen key positions, key parts and flammable Explosive, dangerous source (point) of the safety management, strictly implement the provisions of fire safety and fire protection, increase inspections and supervision, to eliminate all kinds of security risks. At the same time, the company has also formulated a fire safety emergency response plan to improve the ability to deal with emergencies. (special correspondent Li Xueshu)

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