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2015 Tonghua Group Co., the graduate recruitment registration notice
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You hired Tonghua group of graduates in 2015:

Hello everyone!

Welcome you to join our team of outstanding Tongling, eagerly awaiting your arrival. Can you come to the copper work, effort, anticipation. In order to make you a smooth report, we are actively prepared and arranged carefully. Please read the notice carefully and prepare it as required and report it on schedule.

1, report time: July 1st ---7 month 10 daily 8:00---18:00 (double rest day no rest). If a graduate can not be reported on time in a special case, please contact us in advance and explain the reason.

2, place: Tongling Lake Road 2758, Tonghua group headquarters office building on the first floor of human resources department.

The urban area needs to take 4, 12, or 18 buses (the ticket price is one yuan, the air-conditioned vehicle is 2 yuan), and to the Bai Zhuang spring station, get off to the East 100 meters or taxi.

From the TongLing East Railway Station bus station to get off or to take the 18 bus (ordinary fare of one yuan, 2 yuan air-conditioned car) to the station to Jiahua International Plaza, 50 meters east of the road across the back to; take the high-speed rail from the Tonglingbei Railway Station and get off to take the 28 bus (ordinary car fare 2 yuan, 3 yuan air-conditioned car) to Jiahua International Plaza Station 50 meters east of the road opposite to return to.

3, report, letter of introduction test report card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, account transfer card, the relationship between the Party Organization (the rise of unified writing for the Organization Department of CPC Tongling Municipal Committee, into a unified unit of Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. party ") and the four and six grade English grade certificate and other certificates etc., and carry the necessary books and articles for daily use.

4. Please contact us in advance if baggage and other items are checked for shipment or other special circumstances.

5, on the way to the company road, please pay attention to the goods and personal safety.

Contact: Zhao Yonggen, contact phone: 0562 - 265265926527822652781

Human Resources Department of Tongling Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

June 1, 2015

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