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The State Council approved the establishment of the Hefei export processing zone in Anhui
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The day before the State Council officially approved the establishment of Anhui Hefei export processing zone, currently the province has Wuhu, Hefei two export processing zone.

Export processing zone is a special customs supervision area closed with "customs territory" function, has the unique advantage of the policy, customs and environmental advantages, is currently China's most preferential policies, the most simple and most open economy management of customs supervision and specific areas, the enterprises in the area to enjoy the domestic sales of equipment and materials, export tax refund goods are free of tax and other preferential policies. So far, the State Council has approved the establishment of 60 export processing zones.

The Anhui provincial government has applied for the establishment of the Hefei export processing zone from the State Council in 2008. According to the relevant data, in 2009, the import and export value of Hefei's foreign trade reached 6 billion 430 million US dollars, and the import and export value was second in the central provincial capital city. The comparative advantages of processing trade and export of foreign trade, as well as good regional advantages and basic conditions are the advantages of Hefei's declaration of export processing zones.

Anhui Hefei export processing zone is located in the southern part of the Hefei economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to the building of the Paihe port, planning area of 1.42 square kilometers, will be "a year of construction, two years started, three years on the scale of the target and unified planning and step-by-step implementation measures for construction.

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