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How should the chemical fertilizer be stored
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Fertilizer is important agricultural production material supply, in order not to miss the farming season, farmers have early panic buying storing fertilizer. In order to reduce the loss of chemical fertilizer storage, a few points of attention should be paid to the farmer's friends in the process of chemical fertilizer storage.

One, avoid high temperature. The research showed that the ammonium phosphate placing in the open air, the air temperature is 16 DEG C under the condition of nitrogen loss rate is 3.4%: 1 days, 5 days, 10 days for 10.6% to 18%, 15 to 26% days; the air temperature is 20 DEG C under the condition that the loss rate of nitrogen was 8.8%: 1 days, 5 days 48% 15 days, 77%; the air temperature is 32 DEG C under the condition that the loss rate of nitrogen was 18.9%: 1 days, 5 days to 67.9% days to 93.6%, 10. From the above data, it can be seen that the higher the ambient temperature, the greater the loss of nitrogen. Ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia and other nitrogen fertilizers have poor stability. When the temperature exceeds 20 degrees C, it is easily decomposed into ammonia, carbon dioxide and water from gradually volatilization and loss. Therefore, the best use of chemical fertilizer to buy as much as possible, try not to have the surplus, in summer should be so. The prepared chemical fertilizer should be placed in a cool and dry room, and the temperature should be kept at 10 - 15 centigrade.

Two, avoid humid. Ammonium nitrate, calcium superphosphate fertilizer suction temperature is extremely strong, when the air humidity is big when the wet ground, "water" loss of ammonium nitrate, calcium superphosphate will decline effective components. But also hygroscopic agglomerate crushing ammonium nitrate, the human will be generated when the explosion. Measures: as far as possible in the warehouse storage, if not to try to hide in the warehouse, storage shed, frame, and padded mattress, crowding out moisture, with plastic cloth or felt paper cover, to prevent suction is fast, decreased efficiency.

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