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How to cope with excessive use of chemical fertilizer
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1. the technical measures in formula fertilization should be strengthened and perfected. In the fertilization process to enrich and improve the fertilization parameters, such as the amount of soil nutrient absorption, yield per unit nutrient utilization rate and utilization rate of fertilizers, changes of these parameters with the production conditions are constantly changing, on the basis of the original soil and plant nutrition demand tests on the new project analysis of environmental conditions (such as water and soil harmful material content, chemical fertilizer and pesticide pollution etc.), to enrich and perfect the fertilization parameters, optimized fertilization.

2. the proportion of organic manure in formula fertilization should be increased. Organic fertilizer has the characteristics of full nutrition, long efficiency and no pollution. High effective organic fertilizer can increase the content of soil organic matter, improve the ability of soil water storage and fertilizer conservation, improve the physical and chemical properties and aggregate structure of soil, and improve the quality of agricultural products.

3. to increase the utilization of fertilizer and biological fertilizer. Fertilizer can balance the crop required nutrients and biological fertilizer can also secrete physiologically active substances through its own microorganism, to fixing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the decomposition of other micro nutrients in soil, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and organic fertilizer, improve soil physical and chemical properties, the soil can supply crop nutrients, promote crop growth, increase crop yield and quality, while the decomposition of harmful chemicals in the soil and kill harmful bacteria, reduce the residual amount of fertilizers and pesticides and harmful bacteria.

4. to coordinate the relationship between a large number of elements and trace elements. In formula fertilization, people often pay attention to the use of a large number of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, while neglecting the application of trace elements. Adding trace elements or spraying trace element growth agents and compound biological growth agents can balance nutrient supply, promote rapid transformation of nutrients in the body and reduce the accumulation of harmful substances, which is a good way to promote crop disease resistance, disease prevention, increase yield and improve quality.

5. the traditional way of crop fertilization should be changed in the past, and the blind fertilizer should be changed to optimize the formula fertilization.

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