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What should be paid attention to in the mixed use of chemical fertilizer
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According to the exploration of experimental research and Practice for many years, according to the characteristics of soil and crops, fertilizer mixed application of science; not only can improve the effectiveness of the nutrient, physical and chemical properties and can improve the fertilizer, reduce the labor intensity of farmers, so as to realize the true meaning of the crop high yield and high efficiency. But the following three aspects should be paid attention to:

1., master the three principles of mixing: no mixture can be reduced after mixing, and no adverse physical and chemical properties will be produced after mixing. The proportion of nutrient species must be suitable for the nutritional needs and soil fertility of crops.

2. it is necessary to find out which fertilizers can be mixed, which chemical fertilizers can not be mixed and which fertilizers can only be mixed temporarily but not for long time.

(1) can be mixed. In addition to nitrate nitrogen fertilizer, almost all chemical fertilizers can be mixed with organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer and fertilizer combined, can play a combination of speed, the effect of complement, help each other in case of need, the fertilizer can accelerate the decomposition of rotten organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer can activate insoluble nutrient fertilizer, improve the utilization rate of the fertilizer. In addition, some fertilizer can not only be mixed, but also the effect is better after mixing. Such as ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and other physiological acid nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus ore powder mixed use, can improve the solubility of phosphorus, enhance fertilizer efficiency, if used in calcareous soil, the effect will be better. The combination of potassium chloride and ammonium nitrogen fertilizer can inhibit the nitrification of soil and reduce the loss of nitrogen. The combination of potassium chloride and ammonium nitrate reduces the low moisture solvability and makes the physical properties better.

(2) not to be mixed. The mixed use of some fertilizers will cause great loss of nutrients and cause great waste. Such as ash, lime, phosphate slag and alkaline fertilizer can not decomposition of human waste, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, ammonium fertilizer mix, otherwise, will cause a chemical reaction, oxygen volatilization of nitrogen loss and effective phosphorus fixation; ash and lime alkaline fertilizer and superphosphate and phosphate rock is not mixed, otherwise it will make water soluble nutrients transform the soluble nutrients, and reduce fertilizer efficiency. Organic fertilizer can not be mixed with nitrogenous nitrogen, otherwise denitrification can cause nitrogen loss. There is not, ammonia, ammonium sulfate and ammonium bicarbonate as kiln ash potassium mixed fertilizer; ammonia urea, potassium chloride, and should not be mixed application of urea phosphate powder; not with calcium magnesium phosphate, kiln ash potassium mixed fertilizer, etc..

(3) can be temporarily mixed but not long. That is to say, some fertilizer can be mixed, but it must be applied immediately after mixing. Such as nitrate fertilizer and superphosphate mixed fertilizer, deliquescence, moisture absorption, inconvenient to use, if not for a long time, the net nitrogen will China gold investment greatly losses, and effectively transform the soluble phosphorus and phosphorus; urea and potassium chloride mixed for a long time, although there is no loss of nutrients, but also increase the moisture absorption, the caking of fertilizer. Difficult to use.

3. about the mixing of foliar fertilizer and plant growth regulator with other fertilizers and pesticides. Generally speaking, the market of the foliar fertilizer or plant growth regulators are acidic or neutral, acidic and acidic fertilizer and pesticide mixture, but not with alkaline fertilizer such as lime and alkaline pesticides such as Bordeaux mixture application. Foliar fertilizer or fertilizer, plant growth regulators and acidic acidic pesticides mixed properly, such as adding regulator of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium, boron, zinc fertilizer, foliar fertilizer and plant growth, can not only reduce the number of fertilization, but also synergistic, so that the fertilizer effect play better.

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