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Effective measures to improve the utilization of chemical fertilizer
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As an important factor to improve crop yield, chemical fertilizer has been recognized by many farmers. But in recent years, with the increasing input of chemical fertilizer, the effect of increasing production of chemical fertilizer is less and less obvious. It is found that chemical fertilizer is not so "smart". What is the reason for reducing the effect of fertilizer increase? What are the measures to improve the efficiency of the fertilizer? The present analysis and introduction are as follows:

1. The main causes affecting the fertilizer efficiency

1. The structure of fertilization is not reasonable, and the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is disproportions. At present, some farmers still have severe blindness and randomness according to the traditional experience of fertilization. Although the amount of fertilizer increased, the yield did not increase, resulting in serious waste.

2. The method of fertilization is not scientific. The farmers often focus on fertilizer application, little fertilizer, which not only reduces the utilization rate of fertilizer, and the crop growth anaphase Tuofei phenomenon, affecting crop yield; fertilizer is not divided, fertilization depth is also an important reason for the fertilizer utilization rate is too low, most farmers still use artificial fertilizer again long way to bury crop fertilizer, this fertilization method although the effort, but it is easy to cause the volatilization and leaching fertilizer, reduce fertilizer utilization rate.

3, trace elements have not been given due attention. The trace elements in soil have not been added, the content has been unable to meet the needs of crop growth, and according to the "equally important law and the law of the minimum nutrient" theory, even if the NPK fertilizer proportion will affect crop yield.

Two, an effective way to improve the utilization of chemical fertilizer

The input and utilization of chemical fertilizer is one of the important symbols of agricultural modernization. At present, the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer in China is only 35%, which is twice as low as that of the developed countries. So how can we improve the utilization of chemical fertilizer?

1, energetically popularizing the technology of formula fertilization. According to the laws of crop fertilizer, soil test results and fertilizer utilization rate, reasonable dosage and adjusting the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the nutrient supply of crops to be comprehensive and reasonable, to maximize crop yield potential, improve economic efficiency. China Gold Investment Network

2. Improve the method of fertilization in an all-round way. According to the laws of crop fertilizer, in various stages of crop growth stage reasonable fertilization, in order to meet the nutrient supply of the crop growth period, in order to achieve the purpose of economic fertilization; in addition, we must vigorously promote deep fertilization, through deep application, to minimize the loss of fertilizer.

3. The combination of organic fertilizer and fertilizer. Organic manure contains a large number of beneficial microbes and organic colloids in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and various trace elements. It can play an important role in soil improvement and fertilizer conservation, but it can also make up for the shortcoming of single nutrient application, which is easy to be fixed and leached by soil, so as to reduce the loss of chemical fertilizer and improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.

4. Other effective measures

(1) watching soil and fertilizing. Such as: sandy soil, because Water Leakage concentrated fertilizer is serious, should use "eat more meals, more fertilizer, weak seedling seedling fertilization method and less application of Wang".

(2) ammonium nitrogen fertilizer should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer. The basic fertilizers such as plant ash, lime, kiln ash and potassium can not be mixed with ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride, ammonia and other ammonium nitrogen fertilizers. Otherwise, it will cause ammonia volatilization loss after mixing.

3. Urea should not be applied before heavy rain. Otherwise, urea can easily decrease with water loss and reduce the fertilizer efficiency.

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