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My heart "three five"
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I graduated from university and later worked in Tongguanshan company for nearly seven years, from ignorant to gradual integration into the enterprise. My experience is that when you are out of tune with enterprises, it means that you can't accept the culture of an enterprise, and when you feel like a company in a company, you just consciously or unconsciously accept and practice the culture of an enterprise.

To be grateful is to educate us to be a person who has the courage to return. Thanksgiving parents, Thanksgiving friends, gratitude to the enterprise, gratitude to the motherland, often with a heart of gratitude, talent can truly live happily and leisurely. Tonghua group of college graduates is preferential. Free residence of university apartments, leaders of the holidays celebrate the dinner with us. The Company Youth League Committee organised our colorful activities, giving priority to raising funds and building houses. All of these reflected the company's deep concern for college graduates. Really need to interact, sincere heart to heart. Thanksgiving is the basic moral criterion, whether it is for the minimum requirements for people, or the objective needs of the return business.

To be obedient is to obey the system and principles of the enterprise and obey the culture of the enterprise. The establishment of enterprise system and principles depends on people, and the implementation depends on people. Nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards。 When you really accept the culture of the enterprise, you will consciously abide by the system and principles of the enterprise.

The struggle is to realize the talent through individual struggle and reflect personal value. We must live and learn, always keep the passion and pursuit of learning this professional knowledge, combine learning with working practice, use knowledge to guide practice, and deepen knowledge in practice. Each of our new university graduates to dedication, diligent study, to become the vanguard of the job as soon as possible, take charge as chief of.

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