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There is a belief called loyalty
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Unknown to the public in job working for ten years or even decades, maybe a lot of people have a slack and exhausted feeling, because of monotonous and mediocre day in and day out, year after year. I once had a feeling that I should have a broader space for development, not just as an ordinary storekeeper.

Now, my idea has vanished, which stems from the loyalty of workmates to enterprises, and also gives me a new understanding and perception of loyalty. In Tonghua motor company, there are many ordinary employees, they use their own actions interpretation of loyalty, in ordinary jobs to make an extraordinary performance. A few years of hard work of the provincial model worker Ye Mingyu, "three ground four" driver Yao Chunshu, indefatigable motor company model worker Zhou Guoping, punctuality of bus service star Hongsheng Rao Du Jianguo, on call monitor repair. They have a firm belief and loyalty to the enterprise; unselfishness and selfless dedication; diligent study, innovation, and continuous improvement of job skills and service skills. On them, I can not see the slack and fatigue, and see the outstanding achievements and outstanding contributions made by loyalty and hard work.

Loyal to the enterprise, we will unreservedly dedicate their ability and cleverness to enterprises; loyalty to the enterprise, we will do our best to create value for the enterprise, and reflect their own values; loyalty to the enterprise, we can do better for enterprises to become bigger and stronger service. Years later, perhaps the enthusiasm of our first kind of work has been reduced, but more is the responsibility at this time, and it will make us more loyal.

There is a belief called loyalty, and ordinary work will be successful because of loyalty.

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